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For my final year project at university, I decided to build a digital closet iPhone application inspired by Clueless (1995). The objective is to be able to upload images of items in your closet, create outfits and save outfits.


  • Swift
  • XCode
  • Sketch
  • Figma
  • Firebase

This was the hardest individual project I have embarked on to date but also the most rewarding. I worked on this, with guidance from my supervisor, for the better part of an entire acaedmic year while writing my dissertation. I had no previous experience with mobile application development, just an idea and a desire to learn.

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Firstly, I designed mockups of the application using Sketch before implementing anything. I decided to use Apple's native programming language because it makes the most sense since I am building a native iPhone application. Initially, deciding between Swift and SwiftUI was a difficult choice but ultimately, I chose Swift because it gave me more freedom.

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Mockups of the login screen

Using Firebase as the backend, profile images and closet item images are stored in a storage bucket while email addresses and names are in a database. Authentication is done using Firebase Authentication.

As If iPhone home screenshotAs If iPhone login screenshotAs If iPhone sign up screenshot

Final implementation